Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Art

Located in Darien, Illinois, the Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Art is a vocational school that offers all different types of hands-on cake decorating classes, from courses for beginners to advanced classes that teach specific skills. Students range from those who simply want to be able to decorate cakes for family get-togethers to people who have aspirations of decorating professionally. People of all ages can take classes; classes are available for both children and adults. The school has become so popular, that people from all around the world have come to Darien to take classes at the Wilton School.

Their most well-known class is their Master Course. This is an intensive, two-week course that gives a comprehensive overview of the “Wilton Method” for decorating cakes; you’ll be taught how to decorate different types of flowers and borders, and learn a variety of techniques. As their final assignment, students work together to create a three-tiered wedding cake. The longest class they offer, the Master Course clocks in at 67 hours.

Other classes include “Introduction to Isomalt Design,” “Advanced Sugar Blowing,” and “Introduction to Sugar Artistry.” Many of these classes are rather short and none is nearly as long as The Master Course — some of them are only three hours long. Such classes are great for decorators who want to brush up on their knowledge of a single technique.

As the school has become more popular, class sizes have increased. In 2012, only 50 classes were offered, and in 2013, an extra classroom was added and over 100 classes are being given. The number of the people that are aware that this is a premier learning institution for cake decorating is growing, and classes have become booked early. Don’t miss out — sign up for a class today.

Founded in 1929 by Dewey McKinley Wilton, Wilton Enterprises, Inc., has been teaching aspiring decorators how to decorate cakes for 85 years now. It had its humble beginnings in Chicago, Illinois, where Dewey Wilton would teach courses on cake decorating in a single room for many years, in which he developed the famous “Wilton Technique,” to becoming the internationally famous company it is today.

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