The Best Cake Decorating Apps

A large amount of cake decorating apps have been made available for mobile devices in the past couple of years. In this article we examine a variety of different apps, show you which ones are best, and give you the prices for each.

There are plenty of new, innovative ways to make it easier for you to bake and decorate cakes. One of these is using mobile apps. There are a variety of apps available for cake decorators: these range from tools that help you make proper measurements while baking to ones that offer step-by-step instructions on how to decorate a cake. The portability of mobile devices make these apps very easy to use while working in the kitchen. And another great thing about them is that they’re generally either free or very cheap: you can build an arsenal of useful apps to use in the kitchen while spending hardly any money. The following are some of the best cake decorating apps currently available:

Cost A Cake by Cake Makery is one of the more unique apps available for cake decorators. This app doesn’t show you how to bake or decorate a cake, but rather how to price a cake when offering it for sale.
Cost a Cake App
You enter the ingredients you used to create the cake, and the app gives you an approximation of how much you should charge for your cake. This is an excellent tool for amateur bakers who want to try to sell their cakes. This app is entirely free.

Wilton Cake Ideas and More, created by Wilton Industries, is an app with a host of different features. Look at beautiful cake designs in the Wilton Yearbook, follow step-by-step instructions in the kitchen for decorating cakes, or read their FAQ to find answers from Wilton’s experts to commonly asked questions by aspiring cake decorating. This app is completely free of charge.

TieredCaker by Chris Flesner is a must if you sell tiered cakes or even if you just make them for fun. You enter the ingredients of your tiered cake, and it’ll tell you how much the cake will cost.
Tiered Caker App
You can also put in the amount of servings you’ll need, and the app will give you a series of different ways you can make your tiered cake. You can also create cutting guides for your cake, which you can e-mail and print out. This app costs $9.99.

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