Online Cake Decorating Classes and Tutorials

Last updated: Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Are you looking for the skills needed to decorate cakes and cupcakes in designs that can rival the cakes in local bakeries? In as little as a few online lessons, you can learn the skills and techniques to create gorgeous cakes and cupcakes, at home.

Can You Really Learn with Online Cake Decorating Classes?

Online classes are a convenient way to learn new skills. Through integrative forums that are designed to allow students to connect with one another, communicating while asking questions and responding to others and through videos that are designed to teach the new decorating skills, students are able to learn decorating skills .

Just as the instructor would teach the classes in a classroom, videos are used to teach the new skills including mixing the icing, learning the basic decorating designs and maneuvering the equipment.

Combined with practice of the techniques that are learned through the online decorating course, you can learn the skills needed to create beautiful cakes, at home.

Why Take an Online Class?

Online classes come with the benefit of being able to replay the videos that are used to demonstrate the decorating techniques. Traditional classrooms are often led with a ratio of one teacher to several students, using the video, students are able to get the information they need and watch techniques multiple times before moving on to the next skill.

Online classes are also less expensive than traditional decorating sessions. Online class memberships can be purchased for a fraction of the price of a traditional class, and come with the added benefit of being able to complete the class at your own convenience.

Students that are busy, leading full time jobs that don’t accommodate a weekly or twice weekly decorating class might want to choose the online version, as they can tailor it to their schedule. Using the series of instructional videos that are available through the online course, students are able to navigate their way to becoming a novice cake decorator.

What Materials will I Need?

The materials that are needed to enter a decorating class can be found in a kit that is sold through most art and supply stores or baking supply stores. The items that are included in the kit are traditional piping bags, tips to create different designs in the icing and tools that are needed to create basic icing and frosting designs.

For more advanced classes that are being completed, additional items may be required included mixes that are used to make fondant and other types of advanced cake decorating techniques, colors and additional tips.

Prior to the beginning of the class, students will receive the basic list of ingredients that are going to be required to make icing and frosting. In fact, some of the beginning classes will outline the recipes and techniques to create the frosting — so you are learning not only how to decorate cakes and cupcakes, but how to create icing that tastes good as well.

When it comes time to purchase the materials that are needed for the decorating class, it’s important to compare the costs through local stores, and through the supplier recommended through the online decorating class. You can often take advantage of a low price for the online supplier.

Basic Online Cake Decorating Classes and Tutorials

Creating a cake through cutting and shaping, making a crumb coating and learning the basic frosting techniques are three of the skills that are learned in basic decorating instruction. Below are some online classes and tutorials that you might want to take a look at.

Basic Online Classes

Designer Cakes

Designer Cakes is available to students that are searching for classes that cover all aspects of decorating and that include a monthly or annual subscription options to gain access to multiple videos teaching skills and techniques in decorating cakes. As one of Europe’s leading cake designers, there are hundreds of hours of teaching and four new classes added every month.


SugarCraft offers basic lessons that include two parts, how to prepare the cake the cake for decorating and how to create bows and flowers. Offered online, the two part class is an easy way to learn the basic decorating skills.

Universal Class

From cakes to cupcakes and everywhere in between, you can learn the basic skills of creating the cake, prepping the cake and applying frosting using a piping bag at this class.

King Arthur Flour Company

Another leading website is King Arthur Flour Company.  King Arthur offers self guided cake decorating classes with Susan Reid.  Master these techniques all in the comfort of your home.  

Basic Decorating Tutorials

Learning to crumb coat the cake is an essential part to creating a professional looking cake that is beautiful.

Making buttercream flowers is one of the basic skills that learned in decorating classes. The flowers can be adjusted in size and type, depending on the type of tip that is being used to decorate.

Drop strings are a simple way to add interest to the cake and create a design that compliments flowers and bows. Fairly easy to learn, techniques can be found through free cake decorating classes online.

Advanced Cake Decorating Classes and Tutorials

Online Advanced Cake Classes


In addition to offering basic decorating classes, students can also learn to work with gumpaste and marzipan, through advanced courses featuring easy to access online videos.


Winbeckler offers advanced courses to create things like gum paste flowers, beads, pearls and exquisite cherry blossoms. The cake design courses have easy to find techniques, offering in depth overviews for students interested in advanced decorating techniques.

Online Advanced Cake Decorating Tutorials


International teachers provide online cake decorating tutorials at CakeMasters. You can either pay by course or pay for a monthly subscription. There are also some free lessons on the website.

Pink Cake Box

Pink Cake Box is an ideal website for watching  video tutorials on the subject. A number of professional bakers provide guidelines on both basic and advanced cake decoration techniques. 

Sugar Teachers Cake Decorating and Sugar Art Tutorials

Sugar Teachers Cake Decorating  and Sugar Art Tutorials have extensive instructional videos on advanced techniques, such as gumpaste flowers, topsy turvy cakes and chocolate high heel shoes.  These cake tutorials are shared by both professional and hobbyist sugar artists.

Mrs. Baker’s Cake School

If you would like to learn how to make a variety of cakes and cupcakes from the comfort of your own home Mrs Baker’s Cake School is ideal for you. With 2 new tutorials uploaded to the tutorial library every month this proves to be one of the best value for money options on the market. Check out the free sample tutorial. Priced at just £24.99 for 12 months membership.

Learning to paint with buttercream can bring cakes to a new level, taking your artistic ability off of the paper and on to cakes.

Learn to make orchids out of gumpaste to create advanced floral design cakes out of beautiful colors. Using the skills, you can learn to create lifelike looking flowers, for cakes.

Roses are one of the staples of traditional cake design. Using gumpaste, you can learn to make a traditional lifelike rose.

Cake icing classes can be a great addition to the skills used in the kitchen. Learning to create beautiful cakes and different types of icing through online classes can help you to expand your skills and bring your desserts to an entirely new level.