Holiday Baking Classes

A perfect way to make your holiday party a memorable one is to create seasonal pastries, cookies, and/or cakes to serve your guests and loved ones. Not only will this make them happy, but you’ll get a chance to make something creative and tasty that you can be proud of. There are a variety of upcoming dessert-making classes that can help you impress your family and friends this holiday season. And the things you learn during these classes won’t just be limited to just being used at a holiday party — you’ll learn techniques that will help you make desserts for any special occasion. Check out a sample of these classes below:
Sur La Table, which has locations all across the United States, is offering their new “Marvelous Macaron” and “Uncommon Cupcakes” classes this fall. The Fall Macaron classes will show you how to make French macarons in all sorts of fall-themed flavors. Learn how to make pumpkin, maple, apple, and chocolate macarons for you and your family to enjoy. The Uncommon Cupcake classes will show you how to properly make cupcake batter, get your cupcake frosting the right kind of texture, and make the frosting both unique and delicious. Both classes last two and a half hours and are taught by qualified culinary instructors. And you’ll not only be able to get face-to-face instruction from your instructor, but also be able to interact with and learn from your fellow students.

The Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte is teaching a special holiday cookie class, which shows you how to make and decorate several kinds of delicious cookies to treat your loved ones to during the holidays. These classes are $125 per person. The Ritz-Carlton is also offering a number of baking and chocolate making classes, which can give you plenty of ideas for treats for a holiday party. These include cupcake classes, chocolate-making classes, and home-made ice cream classes.

Taste Buds Kitchen offers gingerbread house workshop for parent-child pairs. They’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your gingerbread house. You’ll be able to customize your house with a lot of different decorating items, and you’ll be treated to various holiday music as you decorate and create. And you’ll not only learn how to make a eye-catching piece for your holiday party, but you’ll also be able to spend quality time with your kid doing something fun. The workshop costs $75 per person and lasts about an hour. There are different dates you can choose from, all in December. Taste Bud Kitchens also offers three-hour school-holiday camps where you and your child can learn how to make holiday cookies together.

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