Halloween Fondant Tutorials

Witches, ghosts, and pumpkins — what does that remind you of? Halloween, of course, one of my favorite holidays. And my best way of celebrating the scariest day of the year is to make a Halloween-themed cake. And one of the keys to making a great cake is to make an appropriately themed fondant figure. Check out some of the tutorials below to find out how to make the right fondant for your All Hallows’ Eve cake:

1. Bake Happy‘s fondant tutorial shows you how to make witch’s hats for a cupcake. The step-to-step instructions are easy and there are plenty of pictures to help you along the way.
Witch's Hat Fondant

2. My Cake School gives you detailed instructions with pictures on how to create a witch (crashing into the cake on her broomstick — I guess she made a wrong turn) for your Halloween cake.
Witch Crash Fondant

3. Distracted Gourmet shows you how to make mini-pumpkins for your holiday-themed cake. The only ingredients needed are fondant, toothpicks, and orange dye.

Halloween Pumpkin Fondant

Halloween Pumpkin Fondant

4. My Sweet Saucy provides a tutorial on how to make a spooky ghost for a Halloween-themed cupcake. All you need for this some white fondant and an edible marker.
Ghost fondant

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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