Chocolate Modeling Tutorials

Do you want to make your own chocolate in a variety of different shapes, colors, and flavors? Modeling your own chocolate has never been easier. Without ever leaving your own home, you can find step-by-step instructions on the Internet showing you how to properly make your own chocolate in any shape you please. These sites will tell you the exact ingredients you’ll need to buy and some even offer photos and videos to go along with the instructions. The information you can find on these sites is invaluable — instead of paying large amounts of money for a class, why not find out how to model your own chocolate by using the resources that are available online, either for free or at a very low price? Below you’ll find a small sample of these sites.

Wendy’s “How To Make Modeling Chocolate With Candy Melts” tutorial shows you how to make modeling chocolate using candy melts (note: This site shows you how to MAKE modeling chocolate, not how to model the chocolate). Wendy not only gives you step-by-step instructions, but also photos to go along with them. Her process is easy to follow and the ingredients are cheap and can be bought at any local grocery store.

Another detailed tutorial on how to make modeling chocolate can be found here.

Gourmet Candy Maker will show you a variety of ways to model chocolate, offering both video and textual instruction. This video (note: no longer available), for example, shows you how to make chocolate truffles that are Halloween themed — a perfect treat to make for a Halloween party. They also sell a variety of different holiday kits. This kit will show you how to make a beautiful edible Halloween-themed house using chocolate and candy — another great treat for a Halloween party.

Cityscape Cakes offers a kit that serves as an introduction for chocolate modeling. The models she shows you how to make are very Chicago-centric, most of the designs being of famous Chicago landmarks. She shows you the basics of chocolate modeling, such as coloring, texturing, making your own chocolate-modeling tools, and how to properly transport your chocolate creations. The kit costs $39.99.

My Cake School features a variety of videos on chocolate modeling. The videos mainly revolve around creating models for cakes. One of these shows you how to make chocolate flowers for a cake, which can be found here. They also offer a tutorial on how to make modeling chocolate, which can be found here.

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