Cake Decorating DVDs

The cake decorating DVDs and online videos listed below will teach you a variety of different cake decorating techniques for beginners as well as advanced decorators. These videos are great for beginners or for people who have only a little experience in cake decorating. By knowing which videos to watch, you’ll be able to easily learn how to create the type of cake you wish to make.

Need a gift for a cake decorator in your life. Consider these DVDs below.


The Craftsy community offers videos for a variety of crafts, one of which is cake decorating. Below is a sampling of their courses:

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: $39.99 per video

Topsy-Turvy Cake Construction: This video shows you how to create a cake that seemingly defies gravity! The class is taught by Richard Ruskell, the winner of Last Cake Standing.

Cityscape Cakes will teach you how to construct a metropolitan inspired cake. Imitations of real landmarks are made with chocolate, using a variety of textures and colors. The class is taught by Lauren Kitchens.

Modern Piping is taught by Joshua John Russell. All you’ll need is a plastic bag and some tips, and you’ll be able to create some beautiful piping details.

Vintage Cakes, Modern Methods is taught by Colette Peters, who shows you how to create gold filigree and other embellishments.

Advanced Fondant Techniques includes instruction on how to make ribbons and flowers, with an emphasis on texture. It is taught by Marina Sousa.

Sugar Ed Productions

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
Cost: $26.95 – $35.95
Teacher: Sharon Zambito

Boxes and Bows teaches you how to make a variety of packaged themed cakes and matching bows. Price: $35.95

Book Smarts is a popular style of cake that looks like a pile of books sitting on a wooden desk. Price: $27.95

Sheet Cake Secrets teaches you how to create images on your cakes. Price: $35.95

Back to Basics goes over the basics of cake baking and technique. Perfect for beginners. Price: $26.95.

Successful Stacking guides you through the process of making multi-layered cakes. Price: $25.95

Sugar Delites

Type of Class – DVD
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: $25.99-$71.99
Teacher: Jennifer Dontz

The Easy and Tasty Way to Perfect Fondant shows you in a step-by-step process how to make white chocolate fondant, as well as other related techniques. Price: $25.99

Sensational Sugar Flowers Vol. 1 teaches you how to make perfect sugar flowers. It can help bring your flowers to the next level. Price: $25.99

Fun With Fondant Frills shows you how to make chocolate pearls, ribbons, flowers, and more. Price: $25.99

Sensational Sugar Flowers Vol. 1 (Bundle 1) includes tools as well as the DVD. Learn how to make sugar flowers and have all the tools you need to do so. Price: $71.99

Sensational Sugar Flowers Vol. 2 (Bundle 2) includes the tools needed for the next step in sugar flower making. Price: $34.99

Design Me a Cake

Type of Class – DVD
Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
Cost: Free beginner videos, $22.00-$25.00
Teacher: Edna De La Cruz

Edna offers alot of free online tutorials as well as advanced Sugar Flower DVDs.

Sugar Roses is a basic tutorial on how to create simple roses. It is a great DVD for beginners. The complete DVD price: $25.00

Gum-Paste Calla Lily shows you how to make this beautiful flower.

How to Make Poinsettias is another DVD tutorial. Price: $22.00

Sugar Peonies shows you how to make four different flowers out of gum-paste. Price: $25.00

How to Make Fall Leaves is a free tutorial video on the website. Make a beautiful fall cake!

Cakes by Design

Type of Class – DVD
Skill Level: Advanced
Cost: $99-$239
Teacher: Scott Clark Woolley, New York City cake designer and founder of the Academy of Cake Art

DVD #1 – The Amazing Art of Gum Paste Sugar Flowers
DVD #2 – The Heart of Cake Decorating – Baking, Icing, Piping & Rolled Fondant.
DVD #3 – Two disc set entitled, Sugar Orchids
DVD #4 – Two volume, 4 disc set entitled, Garden Flowers In Sugar with Sugar Critters
DVD #5 – 3 disc set entitled Tropical Flowers In Sugar
DVD #6 – 3 disc set- Cake Art Business
DVD #7 – 3 disc set- Holiday Flowers In Sugar

Enjoy these cake decorating videos! There are plenty of ways to learn how to make a professional and amazing cake. Get ready to make some fantastic looking cakes!

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